Dirty Kanza  
Emporia, Kansas May 30, 2015
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Images from the 2015 Dirty Kanza are online.

Photos are searchable by rider number at this link.

That said, because of the angle of the photo, many of the 200 mile rider's placard could not be read at the 140 mile mark. This is the location where we were able to capture most of the 200-mile riders before darkness set in. so it might be worth looking at this link for those images.

The photos were taken at three locations on the route and efforts were made, conditions not with standing, to capture all riders.

The first location was the 20-mile mark.In this group should be most the 200 and 100 mile riders. Although, it was tough to capture everyone in the chaos, so there might be a miss or two.

Photos were then taken at mile 40 for the 100 milers and mile 140 for the 200 milers. We have tried to separate those two groups.

The final photos were taken on at the 180 mile mark for the 200 milers and the 80 mile mark for the 100 mile riders. Again, we have tried to separate those images into folders for the 100 mile and the 200 mile rioders. Although, some of the slower 100 milers will be in the 200 mile group.

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